Frequently Asked Questions

If you wish to receive additional information about  CIC clinics, please do not hesitate to send us an email at contact@cliniquecic.ch  we will get back to you as soon as possible.

I have a procedure at the CIC clinic that requires a few days of hospitalization. I only have basic health insurance (LaMal), and no supplementary insurance, will the costs of this operation be covered?

Supplementary insurance for the general ward throughout Switzerland is not mandatory for surgery at the clinic. In the vast majority of cases (rare exceptions) your basic insurance will cover your operation. To consult the list of our partner insurances, go to our websites www.cliniquecic-montreux.ch or www.cliniquecic-saxon.ch in the menu "FOR PATIENTS" by clicking on the tab "Insurances".

I'm going to have an outpatient knee arthroscopy soon. Will my insurance cover this intervention?

Yes, regardless of the type of intervention, outpatient operations are covered by insurance, including basic insurance.

I am insured in another canton, can I have surgery at the clinic?

Yes, all out-of-canton patients can be operated at the Cliniques CIC.

I am insured abroad, can I have surgery at the clinic?

Yes, if you have international insurance. For patients who do not have international insurance, an estimate is sent and a preoperative payment must be made.

Can we choose our menu?

Private patients have the choice between two menus. Patients in the standard division can change their menu at their expense.

Can my loved ones eat with me?

Yes, your family and friends can eat with you in your room. To do so, please make the request the day before to the nursing service.

At the Clinique CIC of Montreux, who can occupy a "Premium" room and the "Prestige suite"?

The "Premium" rooms and the "Prestige" suite can be occupied by any patient on the principle of an upgrade and quote. For an estimate, please contact our billing service by phone at 021 989 28 42 or by email at lmutter@cliniquescic.ch

For any additional information concerning our stay services, you can visit our websites www.cliniquecic-montreux.ch or www.cliniquecic-saxon.ch in the "FOR PATIENTS" menu by clicking on the "Services" tab.

Is it better to go to the CIC Clinic in Montreux or Saxon?

All CIC Clinics are designed on the same principle of global care. All our rooms are with the same hotel services (with the same insurance classifications). There is therefore no difference in patient care between Montreux and Saxon.

Do you take care of children?

We take care of children from 16 years old.

Who organizes my transfer to RTC (rehabilitation and treatment center)?

The surgeon will organize your transfer. If for any medical reasons it is decided during your stay at the clinic, we will try to find you a place in an establishment. However, the patient will have to arrange his transportation.

What does C.I.C mean?

CIC = Clinical Innovative Concept

The concept is innovative on two levels, firstly innovative in terms of accessibility because we are the only group of private clinics with more than 85% of its patients insured only by LaMal, and secondly because we offer comprehensive and personalized care from the first consultation until post-operative rehabilitation.