Minimally invasive proctologic surgery

Surgery of the rectum and anus

Proctology is a specialty dedicated to anal conditions: hemorrhoids, anal fissures, perianal fistulas, suppurations and abscesses of the anus. However, this often little-known discipline affects a large number of people. Indeed, more than 60% of the population has already had proctological concerns and doctors have found that patients wait an average of 4 years before consulting. This statistic can be explained by the discomfort and by the fact that old surgical procedures and techniques have been associated with acute postoperative pain.

Dr. Ionel H. ROMAN, FMH specialist in general surgery, accredited at the CIC Clinic in Saxon, is the first and only one in the canton of Valais to use the latest tools, the Leonardo laser, for the treatment of hemorrhoids.

Soft laser treatment with LHP®* is the abbreviation for LaserHemorrhoidoPlasty, i.e. the shaping of hemorrhoids (to their normal size) using laser energy. The minimally invasive laser procedure LHP®, with the LEONARDO Laser, offers a new option for gentle treatment. The goal of medical treatment is the controlled reduction of hemorrhoids while maintaining their functionality.

  1. The laser fiber is placed by camera vision exactly in the center of the hemorrhoidal pad.
  2. With the LHP® laser fiber, each hemorrhoid is specifically reduced from the inside.
  3. After treatment, the hemorrhoids are reduced and slowly regress.

The new minimally invasive LHP® procedure is gentle on the sensitive anal skin (anoderm): The hemorrhoids are reduced from the inside, under adequate anesthesia, by means of a fine laser probe introduced by a small puncture, without injuring the anoderm. In this way, only a small wound is formed. The targeted effect of the laser leads to the separation of swollen hemorrhoids due to an excessive blood flow. After the laser treatment, the bleeding decreases within a few days. LHP® Fiber 7.

What are the advantages of LHP® treatment?

LHP® treatment is suitable for patients with stage 2 to 4 hemorrhoids.

Unlike conventional surgery, no incisions are usually made and no tissue is removed.

LHP® treatment with laser radiation has further advantages: Targeted reduction of tissue in the hemorrhoidal nodes and maximum maintenance of continence.

Best possible preservation of the sphincter, anoderm and mucous membranes and short work incapacity

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